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Bank Cheques

The Standard Press boasts a long and storied history of printing bank cheques, with its involvement dating back to the 1950s. As one of the pioneering printers in Eastern Manitoba, the Standard Press played a crucial role in supplying bank cheques to various financial institutions during that era. Their early adoption of advanced printing techniques and commitment to quality made them a trusted partner for banks, ensuring secure and accurate printing of cheques. Over the years, the Standard Press continued to evolve its printing processes, incorporating cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, further solidifying its position as a premier provider of bank cheque printing services.

In recent years The Standard Press has focused on directly supplying businesses with customized cheques tailored to their specific needs. With a deep understanding of the importance of secure and professional cheque printing, they offer a seamless process from design to delivery. By partnering with the Standard Press, businesses can ensure that their cheques not only meet the necessary security standards but also reflect their brand identity, instilling confidence in their clients.

Standard Computer Cheques (5 colours to choose from:  Yellow  |  Dark Blue  |  Green  |  Red  |  Light Blue)

Sample Laser Cheque5.jpg
Sample Laser Cheque4.jpg
Sample Laser Cheque.jpg
Sample Laser Cheque3.jpg
Sample Laser Cheque2.jpg

Stub Location

cheque location.jpg
cheque location2.jpg
cheque location3.jpg
hand written cheque.jpg

Custom Computer Cheques Free layout and design on custom cheques

Modern cheque_2019.jpg

Ordering custom branded cheques is worthwhile as they provide a professional and personalized touch to your business transactions, reinforcing your brand identity and credibility. Additionally, custom branded cheques offer enhanced security features that help protect against fraud and unauthorized use, ensuring the integrity of your financial transactions.

Custom designed cheques play a roll in security.

With the advent of mobile deposit functionality, the significance of traditional cheque security features has been somewhat diminished. Mobile deposit allows users to electronically transfer funds by capturing images of cheques and submitting them through an app or website. This digital transfer process reduces the need for physical handling of cheques, making certain security features less relevant. For instance, features like watermarks, security threads, or special inks that were once employed to deter counterfeiting or alterations become less necessary when cheques are transferred digitally. The risk of cheques being intercepted or tampered with during transit is significantly mitigated, as the digital transfer eliminates the need for physical transportation. Consequently, while cheque security features were crucial in the era of physical cheque processing, their relevance has been reduced in the context of mobile deposits and the shift towards digital cheque transfers.

A custom-designed cheque for your business offers enhanced security compared to traditional security features, primarily because it makes your cheques more unique and harder to replicate. Traditional security features (watermarks, security threads, or special inks) while effective in their time, have become less relevant in today's digital age. Custom-designed cheques, on the other hand, can incorporate elements such as intricate logos, personalized background patterns, or branding elements that are specific to your business. These unique designs make it significantly more challenging for potential counterfeiters to reproduce your cheques accurately. By adding a distinctive touch to your cheques, you not only deter fraud but also create a visual association between your brand and the payment instrument, further reinforcing the authenticity and credibility of your business. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where the emphasis is on electronic transactions, custom-designed cheques offer a valuable layer of security and reinforce the uniqueness and legitimacy of your business's financial instruments.

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