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What are Business Card Masters?

Pictured below is a business card master. All the generic content has been printed in one large run of 10,000. We'll later imprint the personalized information on a per order basis.


Why Print Masters?

Masters are produced for three reasons:


1. Consistency

All the generic information is printed in one large run of 5, 10 or 20 thousand cards. The first order of imprints will be identical to the last order because the generic information was all produced at the same time.

2. Reduced Price

In printing, majority of the cost is in the setup. When we print a large run of masters there is one larger cost to print the masters but when broken up you'll notice the per card cost is relatively low.

3. Shorter Turnaround Time

Imprinting the contact information usually takes 2-3 days due to its simplicity.


Pictured above is an imprinted card with the contact information printed on the master.

What is the cost?


Lets say we printed 10,000 business card masters for $500 and the cost to imprint 250 cards is $40. We get 40 sets of 250 cards out of the 10,000 business card masters. The cost of each set of 250 is $52.50 ($500 / 40 sets + $40 imprinting).

Provided the organization consumes enough cards this method of printing business cards is the most efficient.

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